Thermolysis Electrolysis in Milford, MA


In proper combination, the use of galvanic electrolysis and thermolysis can present a formidable method of destruction of the hair follicle. During the process of this method, there is a chemical reaction where lye builds up in the hair follicle where then it causes the hair to release from the blood supply. It has been noted that the causticity of galvanic lye can be raised as much as 16 times when heated. Heating can be done by thermolysis and the placement of its operation in the overall treatment cycle can render the penetration of galvanic lye significant. This will further aid in the damage to the hair follicle. The great variability of options allows for custom settings to suit each individual client and their respective skin types and hair needs. The blend method is absolutely amazing for coarse or finer white, gray, red and black hairs.
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The Multiplex technique is specifically designed for dry, curved and distorted hair follicles. It is a great setting that is programmed to combine Slow Thermolysis and Micro/Pico flash. The Slow Thermolysis is used for porosity in that it prepares tough, dry or distorted follicles. This Slow Thermolysis pulse has the strength of 16% on the Senior II and SX-500 so it is just short enough of an energy level to penetrate the entire follicle without drying it out. You can insert and allow the Slow Thermolysis to send the energy throughout the entire surface area of the follicle and not simply in the spot where the probe is inserted. This technique is used quite frequently for a lot of coarse white, gray and red hairs. We do also use this method on black hairs as a well. We tend to use this on more coarse black stubborn hairs.